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Bespoke is the finest way to preserve memories

Probably, the most attractive way to preserve your memories is through the use of bespoke frames. It is traditional and yet its intrinsic nature provides a colourful ambiance. It can turn a simple piece of clothing, an old pair of shoes, or a plain certificate into a most loveable presentation showing care and concern for its preservation.


It is made to show-off the value of every piece into its finest appearance. So whether you are framing your daughter’s first ballet shoes, or your son’s first bachelor’s degree certificate or that rainbow seashell you found on your honeymoon in Hawaii, bespoke framing is the best way to preserve these memorable pieces.Bespoke frames, also known as ‘made-to-measure frames‘ have many advantages compared to ready-made frames.



The main problem with ready-made frames is that they are carved into sizes that don’t automatically perfectly fit everything. Sure you can buy ‘off-the-shelf’ frames in a minute but they absolutely won’t give you the same satisfaction of a perfect fitting hand crafted frame. Besides, not all objects come in a four-sided shape. If you are looking at framing obscure-shaped things, bespoke framing is the solution to your problem.

Another thing to keep in mind is that ready-made frames come in designs that you might not like and as a result choose something that is ok, but just ok and not exactly what you really wanted. Sometimes, the shape is perfect but the design is off for the piece you want to have framed.

Here at Frame-Abel, you have expert framers on hand that allow you to discuss in depth your requirements. You can also choose the best materials for your frame and discuss the theme, the colour palette or even a specific make.

Protection and preservation is also guaranteed on bespoke frames as our framing techniques keep the piece away from the glass. We also use acid-free mount boards that will prevent acid from seeping out that may otherwise destroy your item over time. This is highly-recommended; especially if you are framing an original Picasso!

A professional picture framer will also ensure you that there are absolutely no gaps in the corners, scratches on the glass and most importantly it will last a lifetime.

Regardless of your requirements, please contact us to discuss them with a professional framer.





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