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Here are a few tips for you to preserve your framed artwork

  • Extremes of temperature should be avoided. Pictures should not be hung above radiators. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature cause paper and wood to dry out.
  • Pictures should not be hung in damp conditions. Damp encourages fungal growth and is likely to show as brown staining on pictures. Damp can also cause the artwork to ripple and touch the glass. Take particular care with recently re-plastered walls. Bathrooms should be avoided due to their obvious risks of condensation and mist caused by baths and showers.
  • Pictures should not be hung in direct sunlight. The colours are likely to fade and the paper will discolour and weaken.
  • When cleaning frames you should not use any household cleaners. Its best to just wipe frames regularly without the use of water or cleaner.
  • Pictures should be inspected back and front at least once a year. It is also a good idea to regularly replace the cord or wire from which pictures hang.

To speak to an expert framer on any aspect of care and maintenance, please get in touch!


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