Framing Advice

Choosing the perfect frame

Lots more people are buying original art or good quality prints these days despite the recession. The overall effect of a well framed print can be as substantial as curtains or lighting and probably cheaper. It is the location and frame style of a picture that can make or break a room. Like all aspects of decorating there are a few simple rules to follow.

The way pictures are displayed can either create an illusion of space, height or bring everything together with a cosy feel.A hallway is the place to set the scene and give your visitors a good impression. The addition of a well placed mirror can add light where there is gloom whilst a row of matching framed prints or photo’s will add width to a narrow corridor, as well as creating interest on a long blank wall. Make sure everything is hung at viewing height that’s level with your eyes and that any mirrors used do not reflect ugly fittings like thermostats or heating switches.

If you have a problem finding a mirror of just the right size or style, do not forget that Frame-Abel can make exactly what you require. In a hallway or corridor multiaperture frames are an excellent way of displaying photo’s or a collection of postcards to add a personal feel to a hall.Moving on to the living area, art can be used to define different areas, lock onto accent colours and create a personal stylist’s finishing touch. Be careful of you do collect art not to turn your living room into an art gallery.

A collection of images by one artist will look great on a staircase, but can make too strong a statement for most living rooms.Save money on buying new prints by using favourite images and having them professionally re-framed by Frame-Abel. You probably won’t have the choice of a mount board if you are buying ready-made framed images or frames.

As professional framers we offer a huge range of colours. Also remember what metals are used in a room-if you have light switches, table lamps and fire surrounds in stainless steel then look at silver, pewter picture frame moldings rather than brass or gold.Since your living room maybe your largest room this where to hang large eye-catching artwork, remembering the more eye-catching it is the greater the viewing distance you should allow.

If you home is modern and lacks architectural features you can go for a big picture emphasised perhaps with a picture light. This gives an otherwise feature less wall a lift. A grouping of smaller pictures can have the same effect, by using no more than four-this makes hanging them much easier.

Here are a few tips for you to preserve your framed artwork

  1. Extremes of temperature should be avoided. Pictures should not be hung above radiators. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature cause paper and wood to dry out.
  2. Pictures should not be hung in damp conditions. Damp encourages fungal growth, and is likely to show as brown staining on pictures. Damp can also cause the artwork to ripple and touch the glass. Take particular care with recently replastered walls. Bathrooms should be avoided due to their obvious risks of condensation and mist caused by baths and showers.
  3. Pictures should not be hung in direct sunlight. The colours are likely to fade and the paper will discolour and weaken.
  4. When cleaning frames you should not use any household cleaners. Its best to just wipe frames regularly without the use of water or cleaner.
  5. Pictures should be inspected back and front at least once a year. It is also a good idea to regularly replace the cord or wire from which pictures hang.

To speak to an expert framer on any aspect of care and maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.