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Trust us to give you the best framing advice…

At Frame-Abel our frames vary in shapes, materials, features, textures, and picture capacity. We will help you choose the right type of frame for your treasured photos or artwork.

Visit our showroom to see the range of variations that will compliment your artwork, prints, mementoes as well as your home decor.

How to display your photos or art

Many people are buying original art or good quality prints these days despite the recession. The overall effect of a well-framed print can be as substantial as curtains, lighting or furniture.

It is the location and frame style of a picture that can make or break a room. Like all aspects of decorating there are a few simple rules to follow.

The way pictures are displayed can either create an illusion of space, height or bring everything together with a cosy feel. A hallway is a place to set the scene and give your visitors a good impression.

The addition of a well-placed mirror can add light where there is gloom whilst a row of matching framed prints or photos will add width to a narrow corridor, as well as creating interest on a long blank wall.

Make sure that any mirrors used do not reflect ugly fittings like plug sockets, thermostats or heating switches.

We Take Framing Seriously

If you have a problem finding a mirror of just the right size or style, do not forget that Frame-Abel can make exactly what you require. In a hallway or corridor, multi-aperture frames are an excellent way of displaying photos or a collection of postcards to add a personal feel to a hall.

Moving on to the living area, art can be used to define different areas, lock onto accent colours and create a personal stylist’s finishing touch.

Reframing your artwork can give it a band new look without having to change the images you treasure. Choosing to have it professionally framed offers far more frame and mount combinations than a ready-made frame.

Are you ready to get started?  

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