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Our bespoke framing services…

Frame-Abel is here to advise you on the best framing solution for your art. We can cater for all kinds of styles, budgets and requirements. View our complete range of top-quality framing services…


With a wide range of  moulding samples in our studio, we can meet your custom framing needs no matter what your tastes or budget may be. We will treat your artwork with care. In fact, archival-quality custom framing is one of our specialities. 


We have frames with varying depths and dimensions that provide an ideal solution for displaying 3D objects like sculptures, textiles, masks, historic artefacts, etc. Frame-Abel excels in creative shadow box framing including details coloured mounts to match your team colours.


Custom Wedding Framing

Why not preserve your treasured wedding memories by using our wedding framing services. We use special techniques and materials in order to preserve your items for years to come. A great alternative for a guest book. A framed photo with guest’s well wishes on the mount.


Conservation Framing

Conservation framing is where materials and methods are used to protect your artwork or item to keep it in its original condition.  These include using acid free materials, special techniques for attaching artwork, specialist glass with higher UV protection and many more. Conservation methods require the framing to be reversible, leaving the artwork/item unharmed to retain its monetary, sentimental or historical value.


Cleaning out thunderbugs. Replacement of broken and yellowed glass. Refresh Mounts

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